Polarized Training and Injury Prevention

Training methods for a triathlon or longer running events have traditionally been a bit of an enigma for many athletes and coaches. There have been so many methods touted (Lydiard, Daniels, Run Less/Run Faster, Crossfit’s Endurance etc) how is the Details…

Categories: Prevention
February 4, 2014
written by: Kevin Maggs

Is This a Good Shoe for Me?

   Imagine you’re back in high school chemistry. You take 5 units of compound A and mix it with 5 units of compound B. You knew exactly what chemical reaction you were going to get. Unfortunately, the consistency that exists Details…

Categories: Equipment
October 22, 2013
written by: Kevin Maggs

The Great Shoe Pendulum

Part I – Minimalist Shoes Get a Thick Skin   Pendulums tend to swing back and forth and when you reach one extreme, you can be sure that it will head the other way.  The running shoe industry is no Details…

Categories: Equipment
August 18, 2013
written by: Kevin Maggs


What our clients have to say

  • “Dr. Maggs, I wish I had you to take a look at my running form when I first began running; it would have saved me from a lot of problems over the years.”

    Jeff Horowitz / Author

  • “Dr. Maggs, Thanks for all your help. Without your support and great work, I wouldn’t make it to the start line.”

    Robbie Wade / Pro Triathlete

  • “Just wanted to say thanks for your help with my sore feet, they’re feeling great and I can now walk around with no pain, just a little tightness in the morning which is a huge improvement.”

    Christie Sym / Pro Triathlete

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Who We Are

When we opened Active Spine and Sport over 18 years ago, we had a goal of treating patients with respect and fairness. We specialize in treating runners and various athletes. We are in a unique position of being very well equipped in this area due to our experience of being runners ourselves, our skills in soft tissue treatment techniques and our expertise in performing thorough gait and sport specific biomechanical evaluations. Dr. Kevin Maggs is a provider and owner of Active Spine and Sport. He attended the University of Waterloo in Canada for Kinesiology and then went on to National College of Chiropractic in Chicago where he graduated in 1995.

What We Do

Over the years, we have established a reputation that has brought many runners in for care, including world class professional runners, many Ironman athletes, top collegiate runners, high school cross country runners2runners and track athletes, ultramarathoners and also a very large number of beginning runners and marathoners. We perform: Chiropractic manipulation, Active release Techniques, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Acupuncture, Rehabilitation Exercises, Video Gait Analysis, Dry Needling, Electric muscle stimulation/Interferential and Ultrasound

Why Listen To Us

Dr. Kevin Maggs is a group lead instructor for Active Release Techniques (ART). As such, he teaches ART to physical therapists and chiropractors in the USA and Canada. He is an avid runner and has completed 9 marathons and 3 full Ironman triathlons. A large portion of his practice is devoted to runners and athletes. Dr. Maggs has spoken at different venues about the biomechanics of running and gait analysis, including various running specialty stores, as a guest lecturer on running biomechanics at the Exercise Science Department at GWU and the Suntrust National marathon. In addition, Dr. Kristine Maggs is certified as “Level III Medical” by Titleist Performance Institute – the highest certification possible.


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