One on One customized LIVE gait analysis Over the Internet

Running injuries are very common and misunderstood.  Research simply does not support the idea that minor leg length differences, arch height or other static measurements correlate to a higher risk of running injuries.  However, the WAY we run reveals many dynamic factors that are significantly associated with running injuries.  This is why evaluating running technique is so important to find the root cause of an injury.

Many runners will have a friend, coach or therapist watch them run, but unfortunately the person evaluating the technique often has a poor knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics.

Rather than reading misinformation on running blogs, or relying on someone nearby you who may not understand injuries and biomechanics, we have an online solution: record your stride, upload it to us to review, and undergo a one-on-one 45 minute video teleconference with a certified running specialist and licensed doctor.

The cost is just slightly more than a new pair of running shoes: $160
(slightly less than some shoes)