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by Dr. Kevin Maggs at Active Spine and Sport

Some Quick Thoughts on Taping for Patellofemoral Pain

As clinicians, we all want to help people.  It feels good to help people. We do what we can to accomplish that goal. Patellofemoral Pain Syndroms (PFPS) is known as “runner’s knee”.  Knee pain is by f …

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May 22, 2017
Written by: Kevin Maggs

“No, I don’t run. It’s bad for the knees”

The title of this blog post is fake news.  Very fake news.  Nobody loves to run more than I do and by the time you have read this, you’re going to love running too.  You’re going to get tired of how m …

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March 1, 2017
Written by: Kevin Maggs

Can Strength Training Reduce the Risk of Running Injuries?

Better running economy (think fuel economy in a car) has gained a lot of attention over the past decade as a good predictor of performance in runners (1).  It is well known that concurrent strength tr …

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February 22, 2016
Written by: Kevin Maggs

Dr. Kevin interviewed on The Fat Black Podcast

I was recently approached by Kristian Manietta and Peter Lever – owners and hosts of and the Fat Black Podcast.  They had seen my video online regarding Prescribing Running Shoes and r …

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February 16, 2016
Written by: Kevin Maggs

Most Effective Exercises for Low Back Pain

This question came to us via Facebook. The response is a bit too long for FB, so here is the response… “Beyond developing a strong core, which exercises are most effective for strengthening an injury- …

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March 10, 2015
Written by: Kevin Maggs

Tendon Compression and Pain

Tendon pain is not as straight forward as Dr. Google tries to make it.  While I understand most bloggers, friends and relatives have degrees from the Google School of Medicine, more often than not, we …

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February 3, 2015
Written by: Kevin Maggs

Forefoot vs. Rearfoot Strike Debate

This post is just a few brief thoughts on a very complicated topic. I understand it’s not very sexy to make a post saying, “it depends”, but this is not a black and white issue. Those people that have …

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November 9, 2014
Written by: Kevin Maggs

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