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Is This a Good Shoe for Me?

   Imagine you’re back in high school chemistry. You take 5 units of compound A and mix it with 5 units of compound B. You knew exactly what chemical reaction you were going to get. Unfortunately, the consistency that exists Details…

Categories: Equipment
October 22, 2013
written by: Kevin Maggs

The Great Shoe Pendulum

Part I – Minimalist Shoes Get a Thick Skin   Pendulums tend to swing back and forth and when you reach one extreme, you can be sure that it will head the other way.  The running shoe industry is no Details…

Categories: Equipment
August 18, 2013
written by: Kevin Maggs

Merrell 2013 M-Connect Shoes Review

Running mechanics is a topic that is on my brain a bit too much; At the office where 70-80% of my patients are runners, when I’m writing blog/twitter posts, newsletters to my patients and most often when I’m actually running. Details…

Categories: Equipment
February 27, 2013
written by: concept168