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Polarized Training and Injury Prevention

Training methods for a triathlon or longer running events have traditionally been a bit of an enigma for many athletes and coaches. There have been so many methods touted (Lydiard, Daniels, Run Less/Run Faster, Crossfit’s Endurance etc) how is the Details…

Categories: Prevention
February 4, 2014
written by: Kevin Maggs

Sobering Video and Report

I am taking a hiatus from running mechanics on this post… This past weekend I was attending a Faulty Movement Patterns seminar by Dr. Craig Liebenson when I was introduced to this video below and the website Designed to Move.  Details…

Categories: Prevention
February 24, 2013
written by: concept168

Train Slow to Race Fast?

Train Slow to Race Fast There is way too much information to cover on this topic to make it completely informative, so I have included links throughout the article if you need clarification on a topic. I think this topic Details…

September 19, 2012
written by: concept168