Appreciating Life and the Ability to Run

I’m normally not a touchy feely, right brained kind of person, so this post is a bit odd for me.

Lately I’ve been running without a Garmin.  I’m not signed up for any races and just running for fun.  No training plan equates to doing routes that I normally wouldn’t do.  So, I’ve been doing this route from my house to “Bull Run mountain”, then running up the mountain, back down and then back home.  It’s about 12 miles and my pace is “easy”.  This morning, it was eerily quite and calm.  No wind at all.

When I got to the top overlook point, I took some time to take it in.  I really normally don’t do this sort of thing, but it was really weird how I couldn’t hear anything.  It was totally silent up there today.   When I really paid attention, I guess I could hear kind of a high pitched vibration.  Again, not to be all artsy, but I guess it was the sound of…nothing.