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Another Kick in the Pants for Kinesio Tape

For those who don’t know, Kinesio Tape is the colorful, stretchy tape that you see displayed on many athletes. The purported benefits are numerous, with each one being more imaginative than the former. Last year, I wrote a piece that Details…

July 2, 2014
written by: Kevin Maggs
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Polarized Training and Injury Prevention

Training methods for a triathlon or longer running events have traditionally been a bit of an enigma for many athletes and coaches. There have been so many methods touted (Lydiard, Daniels, Run Less/Run Faster, Crossfit’s Endurance etc) how is the Details…

Categories: Prevention
February 4, 2014
written by: Kevin Maggs

Sobering Video and Report

I am taking a hiatus from running mechanics on this post… This past weekend I was attending a Faulty Movement Patterns seminar by Dr. Craig Liebenson when I was introduced to this video below and the website Designed to Move.  Details…

Categories: Prevention
February 24, 2013
written by: concept168

Train Slow to Race Fast?

Train Slow to Race Fast There is way too much information to cover on this topic to make it completely informative, so I have included links throughout the article if you need clarification on a topic. I think this topic Details…

September 19, 2012
written by: concept168