Do You Need Inspiration today?

We often have excuses for not getting some exercise in every day.  If you’ve ever needed a kick in the butt to get you out the door, maybe these stories will inspire you (or shame you into getting some exercise!)

Recently, 2 new records were made in the 60m dash…

First, we have Julie Hawkins – 102 years old, setting the 60m record at 24.79 (she is the runner in Lane 1, wearing red)

Second, we have Orville Rogers – 100 years old, setting the 60m record at 19.13 (he is the runner in blue, with the bright yellow shoes)

Alternatively, you could be inspired by that guy in the green.  That is Edward Cox, 90 years old and he ran the 60m in 16.77 seconds!
Here is a pic of the two centenarians: