Professional Incompetency, Marketing and Shoes

I don’t know about the business you are in, but in the world of healthcare – especially chiropractic, we see many colleagues who are intelligent, caring and stay up-to date on research and techniques, yet they are struggling financially. We also see many incompetent, unintelligent chiropractors doing very well financially. What’s the difference? MARKETING.

It’s a sad statement, but in physical therapy and chiropractic, you can be completely inept and even fraudulent when it comes to treatment, but if you’re outgoing and aggressive at marketing, the world is at your feet. Sad, but true.

The same can be said in the running shoe industry. It baffles me how some of these running shoe companies can get away with the crap they put out there.  Not only strange ideas, but as you can see below – in direct opposition to what other shoe companies are trying to sell.

If you haven’t heard already, Adidas is promoting their new midsole material – BOOST. What’s so great about it? Well, it has a high energy return, meaning that when you land, the midsole will spring up and apparently send you shooting back up again. Check out the video below

So, this is all great if I were a steel ball, but I thought running shoe companies had the goal of ABSORBING the impact. Isn’t that the bill of goods we’ve been sold for so long? Check out this New Balance video :

After all, I thought the “soft ABZORB®, responsive ABZORB® SBS and intermediate engineered foam creates a tri-layer system that is fine tuned to offer optimal shock absorption.” so why would Adidas do the oppsite?

So, we’re supposed to believe that shoes should make us bounce while another shoe company is telling us that the shoes should absorb the shock (sorry, they should abZorb® the shock.  Next time I have to remember to spell it with a “Z”)

If you haven’t read it yet, my recent blog post on pronation concluded with: “When choosing a shoe, go with what has worked for you in the past. Don’t be lured into a shoe based on what someone tells you you need … Go with what feels right and comfortable for you

I would say the same in this instance – don’t be led down a different path by a bunch of fancy marketing words and videos. If you’re running well, stick with what is working.